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Oct 1, 2021
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Hello! Our bunny has been on a 80% meadow hay and 20% timothy hay diet for a couple of months so she could have some more variety and because she always tolerated meadow hay better. She's had a lot of GI issues ever since we got her, she can only have hay, willow toys and small amounts of critical care occasionally and even then we have to be very careful. She's now on a 100% timothy hay due to supply issues. We were supposed to switch back soon so I ordered a small box of meadow hay to mix with the timothy but she refuses to eat the meadow hay now. She either pulls it out of her hay bag and pees on it instantly or just throws it (with attitude) out of the litterbox. We want her to have variety but she seems to enjoy the timothy hay much more and she seems to tolerate it ok for now. Should we keep her on timothy hay or is there a way to get her to eat meadow hay again?
No reason that I can think of, especially if she doesn't care for this current crop of meadow and she's doing well on the timothy.

If you would still prefer to feed a variety, maybe try something like orchard, or even a different crop of meadow hay from a different source. Hay will vary in taste depending on the individual crop grown, and when it was cut and baled.

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