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Aug 7, 2007
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This evening, Sweetpea wondered upstairs into Buttercup's territory. I caught Buttercup chasing Sweetpea and I separated them. I noticed a chunk of Sweetpea's fur on the floor, so I inspected her. I found where she had been bit. (on her backside). The bite is very pink and I really had to search for it. My question is this, should I put anything on this (like Neosporin)? I feel so upset that this has happened because Sweetpea is only 11 weeks old and is the sweetest bun ever. I will provide better supervision from now on. Although she is spayed, Buttercup is extremely aggressive. I don't know if this is going to work out. She always lunges and scratches at my 7 year-old daughter. Are some buns just like this for no reason? We've had her since October, and things are not getting better. Any ideas or suggestions? Please help!
Hi! I just moved this to theBehaviour section. :)

You can put a little neosporin on it, just make sure it's the regular kind, not the one with pain relief. Just keep checking it to make sure it's healing nicely and doesn't seem infected (redness, swelling, etc.). I would also look carefully over her again just to make sure you didn't miss any other bites or anything.

Rabbits can be quite territorial animals, even if they are spayed. Buttercup probably got upset because she felt Sweetpea was invading her territory. That's why, for example bonding, neutral territory is so important so the bunnies don't have to fuss over who's territory it is. You should be fine if you just keep monitoring the both and have them out in separate areas, like you are doing :).

Some rabbits can have very stand off personalities. When she lunges, try holding her head downgently, butfirmly and saying NO to show your in charge.


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