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Dec 26, 2023
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I have 2 bonded sibling Netherland Dwarf rabbits. They are approximately 5 years old, both altered, litter box trained, and have independent personalities. They are brother and sister and have been socialized around other pets, people, and things. I have been fostering them for several years as they were originally pets of a relative, but they were neglectful so I took them in and have been trying to find them a home ever since. The person that would watch them while I traveled for work is now unable to and I want to find them a home that will properly care for them. They're wonderfully behaved and enjoy being pet. I've not had any behavioral issues with them and they are quick to learn games and love challenging toys. I'm happy to answer any questions. The photos are from the end days of molting season (and I woke them up from a nap) so they look a little rough, but normally shiny and soft fur. I can take other photos, if needed. I leave soon for a 3 week work trip so I'd like to find their forever home before then.


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