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Oct 29, 2023
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Greetings everyBunny - wanted to check in after almost half a year, as I decided to rescue 3 Bunns from a kill shelter who kills animals inhumanely and shouldn't be "in business". I live in California. Found a lady in WY (Casper) who wants them since she has a backyard bunny sanctuary and about 12 bunnies that hop around freely and are very well taken care of. A very experienced lady, Jude, who has a lot of bunnies in her own rescue operation taught me that bunnies should be kept indoors due to soil bacteria, parasites, flies, predators etc. so this scared me a bit because I was so happy to send the bunnies over to WY and was working out the logistics. I guess I will have the bunnies here for a couple of weeks while they take their Panacur and pain medication after neutering/spaying procedures. Feeling a bit sad because I really only want the best for the bunnies. Her house is nice and clean and will have my husband go help deliver the bunns. If all goes well, there will be no need to return them, but if it doesn't...then I am going to have to look for loving families for them. I am very protective of my fur babies. I would appreciate any suggestions, ideas that come to mind. Thank you folks!
(Pic of the bunnies attached).
PS I already have 3 bunnies so keeping the other 3 would mean 6 total which is pretty close to impossible.


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Update: bunnies are with me they are safe and planning to get them vaccinated next week, I am looking for loving families for them in California. I am working with Bunny Luv Foundation. Please help us spread the word. Thank you everybunn and be blessed with tons of happy days!

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