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  1. C

    My rabbit's right ear has been droopy (on and off) for like 5 days. Is that normal?

    I own a Cinnamon who I rescued from my backyard and for the most of the past few days, its right ear is drooping. Cause for concern? P.S : WE took it to a shitty government vet hospital like 2 days ago and the vet held my rabbit by the ears while checking it (the vet wasnt very useful and told...
  2. B

    Is it necessary to neuter rabbit?

    I know the benefits of neutering such as decreasing aggression/mating/territorial marking behavior. However, is it totally necessary if the rabbit doesn’t show any of those negative behaviors? Not sure how my new 3.5 month old male will change but he seems pretty chill for now. Also if he...
  3. pinknstink

    Major Incontinence Issues

    Hello RabbitsOnline! This is my first post, as I am in the hopes of getting some advice for my rabbit's problems. My rabbit Cotton has some birth defects, such as a weird bite and only being able to see out of one eye, but he also has bad incontinence issues. He hasn't always been incontinent...
  4. Gelly

    How much is a neuter in your area?

    In New York, I haven't found for cheaper than $250 but most are between $400 and $700. I was always told the max range is really $250 and then it varies from there. Why is New York so expensive?
  5. Haybun

    GI Stasis | Rabbit Hospitalized :(

    Hello all, My precious boy (9 month old) has been hospitalized Monday, Tuesday, and today is Wednesday because he refuses to eat, won’t pass any stool, won’t drink water, & is in lots of pain. The doctor diagnosed him with GI stasis, but I’m starting to worry about how long it’s taken him to...
  6. Floyd2019

    Fecal Tests Sent In to Lab for my bun- what next?

    Hey everyone! So I finally got paid and was able ti grab some fresh droppings from Floyd's litter and bring it to the vet (200 smackaroos for a culture test and parasite test). The vet receptionist didn't know how long it would take and said no one was in to ask (odd) so I am assuming it'll be...