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  1. R

    Need advice badly - houdini bunny

    Hi! I have a 2 year old pet Rex rabbit. I love her so much, I adopted her a little less than a year ago from a shelter where she has spent most her life. She is spayed, and she is very sweet. However, she is so destructive. And not like in the cute way that many bunny owners say their pets are...
  2. M

    Rabbit sneezing

    Hello I have a Rex bunny and he started to sneeze sometimes is it normal or it’s a problem?
  3. elentari

    My bun is 5!

    Hey y'all. So my bun turned five in July, and from what I hear about mini rex rabbits, she's either middle aged, or old. Anyway, I was wanting to know what kind of changes any of your rabbits went through as they got older? There's little bits of gray popping up on her fur, and her teeth have...
  4. D

    A hard situation

    Let me know if I need to move this to a different thread, I had difficulties figuring out which thread to post this in. A year and a half ago I adopted my white Rex rabbit, Skylar, from a rabbit rescue. A year later I saw a craigslist post about a dumped bunny in an area heavily populated by...
  5. D


    Hello! I have two rabbits and owned three others in the past. I have come across an issue which I will explain in a different in a different post 😅 I have an albino white Rex, Skylar. I've had her for a year and a half. She lived in a rescue for 6 years(since she was a month old). I also have a...