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  1. Aggeliki

    Playpen bunny problem

    So I got a new playpen for my dwarf-ish bunny and I let him 5-6 hours a day in my room outside the playpen. The playpen is 60x60 cm don't have a big room so....yeah. The problem is he keeps biting the wires and he can actually move the playpen itself. I'm just really scared every time I hear...
  2. S

    Emergency. Rabbit peed a few drops of blood along with a flesh like thing

    My 8 - 9 months old female rabbit excreted a flesh like thing along with a few drops of blood. The flesh like thing is surrounded by semi solid blood like thing. The male rabbit has been in the heat and been doing her since last 2 days before this happened. He did it previously too like a month...
  3. Reemy

    Whats wrong with his legs?

    I have been noticing a problem with my bunny since almost a month ago. At first he started to get bald in some spots and was itching himself alot and the bald spots were dry and had what looked almost like dandruff. I booked him an appoimntemt in the vet and was supposed to take him after I...