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  1. L

    One stillborn and one live tiny lionhead baby

    I tried breeding my lionheads at all at once. The first doe had two stillborns and 1 peanut. I unsuccessfully tried doing feedings with his first time mom and hand feeding. He lasted longer than expected, but lost the battle. The does milk dried up completely and he didn't seem to absorb any...
  2. peanutdabunny

    Peanuts Place ~ A Bunny Blog

    Let's get started right at the beginning, Hi, it's nice to meet you and..... I love rabbits! I first started looking into bunnies in early 2016 many years before I got my first bunny. Let me tell you I was obsessed! Bunnies just amazed me and I grew up watching Lennon the bunny, 101 rabbits, and...
  3. J

    Peanut or runt? Also with eye injury

    Hi. My netherland dwarf first time mom gave birth to 4 kits June 13, 2019. Two have survived since then. I thought they were peanuts honestly and didnt expect them to make it this long. At 4 days old, mama bunny accidentally clipped baby boy bunny eye with her nail, and his eye never healed. I...
  4. Elbee10

    Peanut or Runt

    Hello All, I am new here. I would appreciate your opinions on if our little mini-Rex is a runt or peanut. The baby is not yet a day old but as you can see much smaller than his or her siblings. He is a great walker and has a strong suckle. Hoping he is a runt Thank you! Lisa
  5. I

    Peanut? Premature?

    Recently discovered my female netherland(?) dwarf was pregnant. everything was going well, she was using her hay to build a nest and was chewing up newspaper to line it. she hadn’t started to pull fur so i thought maybe she still had a couple days before giving birth. i checked on her in the...