neutering and behavioral issues

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  1. S

    "Neutered" bunny still has balls!

    So we have two gorgeous sibling dwarf bunnies called Misha (girl) and Meeko (boy). We adopted them from a rescue about 6 months ago and they are about 15 months old. They had both been neutered/spayed by the rescue when they were 4-5 months old... or so we thought! We had a bit of a surprise...
  2. AmandaCat

    Should I neuter a well-behaved bunny?

    My mini lop Louie is almost two years old. I had planned to get him neutered when he began to show aggressive behavior at puberty, but he never did. He never charges or bites, and I’ve never seen him spray. He’s curious and calm, really just a great bun. I want to eventually get a second bunny...
  3. S

    Bunny neuteIring

    Hi I have a male bunny almost 5 months now. I bought him when he was 2 months and was initially very sober but now things have changed. He runs to our sofa and poops there. We have tried to teach him by putting him back in his cage immediately for some time but he never changes this habbit. He...