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    We need a new loving home.

    - black and white spotted { Inu }: NZ/French lop mix, neutered, brother to Koga, adult Male, excitable - black/brown { Koga }: NZ/French lop mix, neutered, Adult Male, cuddly/curious - white, gray, red eyes { Reina } : Mini Rex, Adult Male, cuddly and loving we love our buns with all our...
  2. N

    LOTS OF QUESTIONS! Sorry in advance!

    Hello! I just got my first rabbit and I am embarrassed to say that I didn't do much research beforehand. (I have done a lot now!) I have an albino holland lop named Penelope! She is the light of my life. She is so sassy and is not scared of anything (except being picked up). She is about 11weeks...