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  1. Lilsakli

    Tiny spot of flaky skin

    I was brushing my female rabbit today and felt a small bump on her upper back. I assumed it must be a tick as I found one on her a few months ago. Upon closer inspection it looks like a raised, flaky lesion. It looks yellow. Quite small like quarter the size of a pencil eraser. I don’t see this...
  2. Bengisudeveci

    Flea prevention

    Should i use flea medication to prevent fleas ? It is common where i live to use drugs every 3 months to prevent fleas, mites for rabbits just like cats and dogs. If i should which drugs are safe ? advantage is safe i guess.
  3. BunnyLandia

    Help 3 rabbits with Really bad ear and fur mites

    Hey guys, so my 3 rabbits have ear and fur mites with have of them having severe ear mites with crust already sticking out of its ear. I just bought the horse wormer called Equimax with 1.87% ivermectin/ praziquantel 14.03%. Is it okay if I give a pea sized to my rabbits?? And if so, what are...
  4. BB03

    How do rabbits get fur mites??

    My rabbit has been getting shots from the vet to get rid of her fur mites, but I was just wondering how rabbits get them. She is an indoor rabbits so I have no idea how she got them.