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  1. L

    How to Sell Rabbits?

    Has anyone noticed lately that the rabbit market is HIGHLY saturated with bunnies for sale? I’ve noticed many rabbit breeders leaving or taking a long break because they are having difficulty with selling and finding good homes. We breed Mini Lops and have had the breed for over 9 years now. We...
  2. L

    What Are These Babies’ Colors?

    I have seven 4 week old Mini Lops that are absolutely adorable! I’m going to be having reservations for them in one week, once they reach 5 weeks old. But of course their pickup date to go home won’t be until they’re at least 8 weeks. Want to verify on their colors before putting them up for...
  3. E

    Is my bunny poorly?

    My mini lop female who is hopfully 1week pregnant is loosing hair on her front feet (well just one at the moment), the skin to me doesn't look sore or anything, do i need to worry about her? she is eating and drinking as normal and hasn't shown any other signs of anything bad, but i have never...
  4. Kristian

    Toilet training a second bunny

    Hi everyone, We are thinking about getting our existing bunny a friend. Our bunny is 100% litter trained. Has never had an accident, always goes in his tray. Will getting a second bunny change this? What is some advice for training a second bunny to use the litter every time? Thanks!
  5. Kristian

    Second bunny

    Hello everyone, We adopted Marshall, our 12 month Mini Lop cross 4 months ago and think we would like to get him a friend. He is still quite shy and affectionate at times, but stills hates being held. Would a second bunny who is more comfortable with humans and affectionate help Marshall be...
  6. Kristian

    Adopted bunny who was mistreated

    Hello everyone, I recently adopted a Mini Lop x Standard from a rescue who was one of fourteen mistreated bunnies on a kill farm. His name is Marshall. Initially Marshall was shy, but got better after a week. It has almost been 3 weeks since we brought him home. Now. I do everything for him...
  7. Kristian

    Mini Lop Cage Height - Pls Help.

    Hello everyone. I'm in the market for a Mini Lop and have just purchased a cage that is 118 x 64.5 x 47cm. The brand is NERO 4 DE LUXE DWARF RABBIT STARTER KIT. Our bun will be housed indoors and...
  8. Anjelica


    Background on Clover I rescued Clover over a month ago from her owner who basically stopped showing her love and attention after Easter. She was bought as a Easter gift to her little kids, was mainly around small kids in their inhouse day care too. They got tired of her after Easter.. Side...
  9. B

    Excessive amount of fur in hutch, help

    As you can tell by the images attached I found an incredible amount of fur in my rabbits hutch, this hutch was only cleaned out the day before so this is from 24 hours. I have found the odd bit of fur here and there before but never clumps and to the extent that it could fill a bag! Let me know...