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  1. Bob_and_Luna

    Breeding mini rex: broken tricolor + blue = color kits?

    Good morning, We have two young rex rabbits we purchased at a fair. We would like them to have kits once and then spay/neuter them. The male is a broken tricolor: white, tan, and dark brown, and the doe is blue. What outcome can we expect in terms of color? We do not have their pedigrees...
  2. T

    Breed Identify

    Hello! We got these two babies in today and I gather the gray is a mini Rex or mini Rex cross but the broken orange has a really thick, textured coat. I looked up what rabbits have a wooly coat and my best guess is she’s some mini Rex / Jersey wooly cross? Is she just a Rex with really dense...
  3. Toniko

    Mini rex considering breeding/showing

    We are considering breeding our mini rex with a local stud. She will be 1yo May 3. She doesn't have any pedigree papers or tattoos. The stud family shows theirs with 4H at fairs so I am interested in finding out any additional Info on my doe’s pattern. If she wouldn’t qualify to show for some...
  4. elentari

    Spay Q's.

    My bun hasn't been spayed yet b/c there have never been any vets near, or confident enough to spay her until recently. I called a vet who could confidently spay her, but when I asked if her being 5 would be a complication the vet said there would be no point since she's 5 and rabbits don't...
  5. elentari

    My bun is 5!

    Hey y'all. So my bun turned five in July, and from what I hear about mini rex rabbits, she's either middle aged, or old. Anyway, I was wanting to know what kind of changes any of your rabbits went through as they got older? There's little bits of gray popping up on her fur, and her teeth have...
  6. Mei

    Please take this poll -- rex or mini-rex?

    Okay so does she look like a rex or mini rex to you guys?
  7. T

    New Bunny

    Hello, I adopted another bunny, she’s 5 months old. The shelter said that she was spayed and it is also stated in her medical records. My question is, her urine smells stronger than my other 2 rabbits. My other 2 bunnies are a mini Rex and a dwarf Netherland. The new bunny is a holland lop. Is...
  8. Rikku

    Hopping Aboard!

    Hello Everyone! I'm a lover of rabbits and all things rabbit-related. My family has had pet house rabbits since I was in preschool. When I went off to college, I really wanted to have a rabbit again since I didn't have any pets at the time living with me. So I adopted a young harlequin mini...
  9. Gelly

    I need a pep talk before neutering...

    My bun Rémy is getting neutered October 31st. I'm really nervous about it. I know it's the right thing but part of me thinks it may be cruel? I'm also nervous his personality and quirks are going to change. I'm going to neuter him but I need a convincing pep talk and stories to help calm the...
  10. Gelly

    Mini Rex Grooming?

    Curious how folks groom their rex rabbits. I've heard their skin or fur is sensitive so I'm really not sure what to use...
  11. Shannon Watson

    6 Month Old Mini Rex Buck!!!

    I am very sad to be writing this post, but it has to be done. We are moving into an apartment due to sudden financial issues with my boyfriend and I. We are the parents of a six month old broken castor mini rex buck, and we are unable to take him with us. He has been handled daily and is very...
  12. Rivka

    Adorable Bunny in NY looking for a new home!

    We have an adorable female mini-bunny called Thumper. She is nine months old and can be shy at first but is super loving. She is amazing with adults, children, and other animals. She loves to play, cuddle, and get massages. WE would love to keep her but my husband is allergic to her and we tried...
  13. Shannon Watson

    First Time Breeder Looking For Tips!

    Hi everyone! I'm new to RabbitsOnline and to breeding as well. I've been around rabbits all my life, and I currently have a 14 week old mini Rex buck. Our vet has told us he is perfect for breeding when he's a little older, but I've never bred rabbits before. My boyfriend is super excited to...
  14. S

    looking for responsible mini rex breeder Ohio

    hello all! this summer I will hopefully be adding a bunny to my family. I have been doing SO SO much research on bunny's and have decided upon a Mini Rex. I am aware of rescues, all my dogs have been adopted. However in this situation, I need to be certain I am getting a pure Mini Rex. I am...
  15. Kale Passfield

    Concerns about hair

    I have a lionhead who had a fight with one of my mini rex. Some hair was pulled before I broke it up. Will she regrow the part of her mane back?
  16. VixensShadow

    Breeding bonded female? Need advice!!

    Hi. I have 6 rabbits, 5 of which are desexed. My intact female is a gorgeous Flemish Giant who i want to breed when she reaches closer to 1 year old (is currently 6-7 months old). However, she is bonded to a super sweet, relatively harmless male mini rex (only rabbit he has ever actually...
  17. Elbee10

    Peanut or Runt

    Hello All, I am new here. I would appreciate your opinions on if our little mini-Rex is a runt or peanut. The baby is not yet a day old but as you can see much smaller than his or her siblings. He is a great walker and has a strong suckle. Hoping he is a runt Thank you! Lisa
  18. Katelyn

    Will these colors work?

    hi I have raised rabbits since I was about 10 but have always done castor mini Rex. Recently I got into broken tort and I purchased one broken otter buck. He ended up winning several shows and I wanted to use him for breeding. I have a GC broken tort doe, but am worried the colors will conflict...
  19. Katelyn

    Will he be disqualified

    I have a sr broken tort buck I’m taking to 4-H fair tonight. He has never had cage sores because I check, but he has these weird almost calloused spots on his back feet. Will these make him be disqualified or should I even take him? Any help would be great
  20. Mini Rex Rabbiters MN


    Hey everyone, I'm new to this forum and am very excited to be a part of it! I have 7 Mini Rex buns at them moment: John Snow (Sire, Black), Pumpkin (Dam, Orange), Luna (Kit, Black Otter), and 4 other kits. 3 of the 4 are from the same litter that Luna is from (2 Brown Shaded, 1 REW). The other...