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  1. MistyBun25

    New bunny with soft poop

    I recently added a new adorable member to the family. He is a 8 week old Holland lop and he is simply perfect! Added him to be bonded to my girl, who is almost 3 years old, once he is neutered! But we have a concern. When we went to pick him up, we learned he was on a all pellet only diet. He...
  2. BunnyLandia

    Pairing 1 month old bunny with much older rabbit

    Hi guys, so About 3 months ago I bought an adult female rabbit from the flea market. Her names pancake. Last week I decided to buy a 1 month old lionhead male bunny. When I put them together, my female rabbit pancake always lunges at the new bunny, growls and attacks him. I am a new rabbit owner...
  3. B

    Bringing in a new mate after a death

    Hello all. I have a 3.5yr old cage free indoor male dwarf lionhead named Buddy. yesterday, we lost our dear sweet Olivia, a 3yr old Holland lop. She was on critical care for a few days due to overgrown teeth caused a weight loss. She was bringing the weight back on and being an amazingly sweet...