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  1. Shedua

    Rabbit absolutely hates being picked up

    So my rabbit Mac has always been against being picked up and held but recently he's been especially stressed about it. If you try to pick him up he will struggle, and I mean REALLY struggle to get out of your grasp, to the point where I get covered in claw marks and he's huffing and puffing for...
  2. S


    I have just found a baby bunny out of the nest, I picked it up and put it back in but it is just moving and breathing. There are 4 others in the nest which are active and swirling around. I’m not sure what to do. When would I decide to feed it by hand? If I have to what do I feed it and how...
  3. Haybun

    Rabbit Handling - They HATE it

    I rescued two Holland lops a few months ago and were both fairly scared/shy rabbits. I don’t know their past at all, but what I do know is they HATE being handled. I’ve tried covering the eyes, blankets, holding them tightly so they don’t feel scared. You name it, but they will wiggle out no...
  4. Kristian

    Adopted bunny who was mistreated

    Hello everyone, I recently adopted a Mini Lop x Standard from a rescue who was one of fourteen mistreated bunnies on a kill farm. His name is Marshall. Initially Marshall was shy, but got better after a week. It has almost been 3 weeks since we brought him home. Now. I do everything for him...
  5. Tabi

    Does my bunny like being on her back??

    Hi there, My bunny Luna is a young mini lop, I occasionally put her on her back in my arms and stroke her head, which seems to make her fall asleep as her eyes start to shut a little and her head relaxes. She moves if she gets sick of it but otherwise she seems to enjoy it. Am I right to be...