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  1. M

    Red ears

    Hi there I recently asked about ear mites on another thread and long story short I have been using baby oil on my rabbit to try and kill the mites it doesn’t seem to be working so I’ve called my vet and booked a appointment , the baby oil got on her skin and has seemed to irritate it as this...
  2. mollyisthecoolest

    One of my rabbits ears have flopped

    My rabbit glen is around 8 months old and has had standing ears all his life, sometimes one of his ears flops when he is relaxed but it usually goes back to normal quickly. His left ear has flopped down and has stayed like that for a few days. I’m pretty sure this is normal as all of his 11...
  3. Rambobunny

    Is this normal?

    I previously posted about my vet giving my rabbit xeno 450 for parasites after lots of itchiness and some head shaking. She did a check on his ears and said they looked healthy with no signs of infection or ear mites and did a skin sample but couldn’t see any mites. I gave his first dose last...
  4. trisho

    will my Lionhead/Holland Lops' ears flop ?!

    Good evening! I just recently got 2 baby girls; 3/4 lionhead 1/4 holland lop. They're both sisters, born on July 19th 2020! I found a post online to have them rehomed and I immediately went and got them.. I've had these girls for about a week now, and they're currently going on their 10th...
  5. A

    Dry skin on ears?

    Hello, I have a 5 months old mini lop. I've noticed that sometimes the skin on her ears becomes flaky, but only in one certain place (this blue lined area). The vet checked it - no fungus, no mange, very clean ears inside - just this flaky skin. She has been scratching her ears since I have her...
  6. E

    Lop bunny with both ears up? What’s it mean?

    I have a 9 week old mini lop who’s got floppy ears. Sometimes, when he tries to take a nap, he puts both of his (normally floppy) ears behind his head. Does this mean anything? I’ve read multiple opinions on google about what this may mean, but there’s no definite answer.
  7. MeganH

    Bun’s ears lying flat on back after loss of her sister

    We lost one of our buns to E Cuniculi a few weeks ago at 3.5 yrs old. Her sister has been going through the grieving process but has been doing pretty okay. She’s eating well and has started binkying as usual when the fresh veg comes out in the morning. And she is soaking up all the extra...
  8. jamsbuns


    What is this?
  9. Maggie123

    White thing in ear (what is it?) Holland lop scratching and shaking head

    I have a 6 year old holland lop/lion head bunny and I noticed he was scratching his right ear and shaking his head a lot today. I looked inside his ear and saw this little white thing. This white thing wasn’t in his other ear. Is this something serious and would it be causing him to scratch at...
  10. Image


    Found this on my bunny this morning, what is it?
  11. R

    Yellow in buns ear

    Hey, I recently got a baby bunny. He is 9 weeks old now and I've had him for only a week and a half. Four days ago I took him to a vet for a casual preliminary check up. She was nice but said she doesn't know a lot about bunnies, gave him a basic clear bill of health and let me know about a vet...
  12. D

    Baby Rabbit ears

    My female rabbit Maya had her litter of kits. They are about a week and a half old now. They aremini lop mixed with California white and lionhead. How or when can I tell what their ears will be like? If their erect or lop?