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  1. C

    Marathon bonding boys

    Hello, I am working on a bonding process that does not seem to have much in the way of advice online or through my research. I hope folks could share their insight with me. I have a 5 year old neutered rabbit named Wendell and I decided to try to get him a companion. I contacted a local rescue...
  2. cosmoluna

    My bonded pair re-establish dominance every month?

    Hello again everyone! In the middle of January, I was able to successfully bond my fixed male and female rabbits (: They absolutely adore each other, and groom and cuddle each other constantly, but it seems that every month or so, my female bun will mount my male bunny to re establish her...
  3. S

    Bonded bunnies still unsure who is boss

    We have two dwarf house bunnies that are approaching a year old called Meeko and Misha. They are brother and sister and have both been neutered/spayed. We’ve had them now for 2.5 months and they are both litter trained. We think that he seems to very much think he’s the boss, however throughout...
  4. ALW

    Dominance & Bonding

    We have two almost 2-year-old female Holland Lops that were raised together. Neither have been spayed. We got them from a family at just over a year old and they’re just now bonding with us somewhat. We’ve since made them indoor rabbits with a 5x5 running area at no time are they in a cage. They...
  5. L

    Bonding Rabbits With Two Different Eating Habits

    Hi all, I am currently in the process of bonding two female rabbits. I've noticed that one of them, the more dominant one, eats a lot quicker than the other one does. This leads to her trying to steal the other bunny's food after she finishes hers. I'm not sure how I will be able to house...
  6. Sweethoneybunnies

    Bunny Bonding Frustrations

    Hello, I am a new member to the site and I come for some advice on my two rabbits. I have a mother, Kimchi (about a 1 1/2 vet estimated) and her son, Tofu (8 months) both of them are fixed. After Tofu had started displaying signs of sexual behaviors I separated them right away. I made two pens...
  7. Clara W

    Neutered Rabbit Humping

    Hi all, I have a netherland dwarf that has been neutered since January 23 this year, it's going to be 9 weeks tomorrow. I also have a female lop with 5 week old babies who are separated in a play pen. When I go home to let them out and hop around his area she immediately goes up to him and...
  8. AmberKoenders

    Please help me with my humping and spraying bunny

    - Please don't get upset about my spelling; English is not my native language and I am trying ;) - - note beforehand: I don't really have the money to get him fixed - So 2 years ago I 'rescued' a bunny from my friends student house and he (the bunny) has been a problem ever since. He was about...