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  1. crepecrepes

    Will a English Mastiff be safe around my Flemish Giant?

    I've been wanting to get a dog for some time now, particularly an English Mastiff. Do you guys think it would be a good idea?
  2. D

    Dog doesn’t like new rabbit! Help!

    I have a two dogs. One is calm and likes to be around my new bunny and the other one (that I got from the pound) is more aggressive towards him, so much that I had to put my rabbits cage in my room and so I barely can see him throughout the day. Any tips on getting my dog used to him? Or how to...
  3. AmberKoenders

    Please help me with my humping and spraying bunny

    - Please don't get upset about my spelling; English is not my native language and I am trying ;) - - note beforehand: I don't really have the money to get him fixed - So 2 years ago I 'rescued' a bunny from my friends student house and he (the bunny) has been a problem ever since. He was about...
  4. G1rlVeteran

    My precious little Ginger

    Even though Ginger was not a bunny I want to share about her. She was rescued from a puppy mill by an amazing organization in Hastings Nebraska. It Start Over Rover. She was a little Brussels Griffon and had been in a cage for 6 years being bred over and over. I adopted her and worked and worked...
  5. pikadanny

    1 year old passed away suddenly

    My rabbit passed away yesterday morning very unexpectedly - he turned a year old only a week ago. He was behaving normally the night before, and even that morning a few hours before we found him he seemed normal. It's worth mentioning that he just experienced a long drive and move into a new...