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  1. BunMomDelux

    New bun and lockdown means no vet

    I just took in a 15lbs bun last week. Energetic, eats a lot and lets me pick her up. She has a clear discharge from her nose and I’m constantly picking tiny dry boogers from the corner of her eyes. I’m dying to take her to a vet since she’s never been (7 mo old) but no one has been taking any...
  2. D

    Sinus issues?

    My rabbit Dobo has been sneezing off an on since January with either clear or white discharge from his nose. Hes been on three kinds of antibiotics, had a nasal flush, culture done and xray. I am kind of at my wits end as to what I can do. His energy is great, hes eating well and happy, but I...
  3. Haru the Lionhead

    eye mucus

    Guys haru’s eye got clear mucus in it, like in the middle of the eye. She had it one month ago but on the other eye and I posted a picture of it before. Now it’s much less and it doesn’t appear in pictures and I can’t really see it unless I look closely. Is that normal?her eye looks matt. last...
  4. H

    Sneezing and boogers... now sneezing has stopped?

    Hello, I have a rabbit that has been sneezy with cleaning cages and hay. I figured he had allergies. The night before last I noticed some discharge coming from his nose, so I immediately separated him from other rabbits. Since separating him, sneezing has stopped.. paws have matted fur but they...
  5. M

    Sneezing not responding to treatment

    I was gifted a surprise rabbit in early june which had been bought cheap from a random lady by some friends. When I received her she was sneezing and had nasal discharge. I took her to the vet the next day and since then she has been on several different treatments: broad spectrum antibiotics...
  6. pingoose

    Help! Can't Find Cause of Milky White Discharge

    Hi all, I've had an issue with my 1-year-old holland lop rabbit, Pingu, since about September of 2018. Since this time, she's consistently had milky white discharge coming out of her eye, which has resulted in mild hair loss due to the area being irritated. The skin surrounding her eye tends to...