continental giant

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  1. Morchall

    Pokey and Gus

    Hello, I made a couple posts on this forum but then forgot about it for 2 years. I'm back! My name is Morgan and my roommate and I have 2 giant rabbits. They are 3/4 Continental Giant and 1/4 Giant Papillon (checkered giant). The brown female (Pokey) takes more after the conti side while the...
  2. Pokey


    Marker pen sketch of my Continental Giant rabbit, Pokey.
  3. S

    Seeking blind bun tips

    Hi everyone! I'm looking for someone to give me some advice on caring for blind bunnies! I recently got a very sweet continental giant girl and after some vet visits it turns out that she is blind (my partner and I suspected this anyway as there was pretty obvious signs from the start) she is...