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  1. CelestialMel

    New to this site and not really sure where to ask this.

    Hello! I recently got a pair of holland lops that I eventually plan to breed. My buck is a black otter, and the other I'm having a hard time figuring out what she is. Any Ideas? I was also wondering what colors their babies will have the possibility of being. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. V

    Can anyone help figure out the color of this baby?

    One of my Mini Rexs had her first litter today! Sadly, only one baby and a peanut made it through delivery. The normal baby is doing great and nice and plump and warm! But, his/her color is interesting looking (see attached pics). The Mom is a Blue Vienna mark with a BEW and tri-color...
  3. H

    Genotypes and color calculating

    hello! I’m hoping to find someone that’s good with genotypes and coloring, specifically mini Rex. I have a heavily marked magpie doe, and I was wondering what the possibilities of me getting magpie babies would be if I bred her to my black buck? He carries mostly black silver marten, some otter...