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  1. K

    How to bond two female bunnies?

    Hello, This is a very serious concern for me. I have a Netherland dwarf bunny female named Koko, who is a little over a year old. My family has been planning on bringing a new bunny home so Koko could have a friend. But we haven't been able to do that because everyone was so busy. However...
  2. Kait88

    How Do I Know They Are Bon

    So I have a 2yr old male, Sox, & an 8 month old female, Tulip, that I have been working on bonding. Both are fixed. My most recent issue was that she was not grooming him. After our longest session ever on Saturday about half way in she finally started grooming him! Yay!! They did really well...
  3. Kait88

    Bonding & Grooming

    hey y’all! I have a 2 year old Harlequin Dutch Mix rescue male named Sox that I adopted a year ago now & recently decided to bond him. I adopted a female Hotot de Blanc that was born at a rescue on the 30th of June. Her name is Tulip & she is almost 8 months old now. All of their dates have gone...