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  1. Brucellarosequinn

    Bonded bunnies fighting?

    I've had Bruce and ella for years and they've been through the whole bonding process. However, recently I've had to separate them because I noticed them getting into fights? Ella would usually start it and she'd chase Bruce, they'd run in a circle and she'd bite his hair and chunks of his hair...
  2. S

    3rd bunny bonding

    Hello, i recently just got a gorgeous lil bunny called maple. She is so sweet & chilled & loves cuddles which we love. i have 2 other rabbits who are bonded and are about 1.5 and have been together for almost that amount of time. the first night we put maple in a play pen in my other bunnies...
  3. Teresa1996

    Bonded bunnies circle each other

    Hello, I have two bonded buns - one older male and one younger female (both spayed/neutered). My male has been having some medical problems recently so every evening I take him into another room behind closed doors to give him his medicine. I've noticed that whenever I return him back with the...