bladder sludge

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  1. Helen Thomas

    Bladder Sludge - Low Calcium Diet Recommendations??

    My 6yr old mini-lop has been having on-going issues with bladder sludge which started in lasted Nov. At that time I took out all high calcium greens ie spinich & kale from his diet and replaced with grass and weeds with approx 6 pellets every other day. He's been fine up until last week when I...
  2. Maki_p29

    Help! Bunny has bladder sludge!

    I’ve been trying to treat my bunny at the vet. She has a bad bout of bladder sludge( it’s been a chronic on going problem for a few years now) with a bit of GI Stasis. Her usual vet is not in on week days since the Covid virus outbreak and a different vet that has never dealt with my bunny...