biting cage

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  1. changeme4

    Rude and mean

    Ok. So help me out. I have had problems with my bunny before... and I still have MAJOR issues!! I got her potty trained, I let her roam my room every 4-8 times a day maybe 30 min or more until I have to leave for work or just have a few hours for myself and friends. She still chews on my carpet...
  2. Rosy

    bunny biting bars of cage

    my bunny has recently developed a habit of biting the bars of his cage. i especially notice it when i come near his cage. any idea why he would be doing it? do u think he's bored? maybe he doesn't get out enough? he lives in an outdoor cage. any advice would b appreciated. thanx!
  3. T

    My bunnys behaviour..

    Hey can anybody please give me some tips? I have a mini lop bunny, he's maybe a few months old now. I use to have a female minilop and she was the nicest bunny, was fine with her relatively small hutch as she got heaps of run around time. Always cuddly, playful and never ever bit or scratched...