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    Anyone one else have 6 rabbits?!

    At one time, 29. Or maybe it was 31. Fosters, family residents, and three captured unaltered adults with the 2 females delivering 16 babies. Yup, 12 buns between our permanent family residents and (back then) fosters. Then 19 arrived; 3 UNaltered and captured strays bringing us 16 babies...
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    Why a rabbit is NOT a good child’s pet !

    Our rescue has seen many surrender inquiries that state the children no longer are interested. Allergies, and lost interest are common surrender reasons both at rescues and during the years I volunteered at the local shelter. 'Tis extremely important that parents are onboard with lifelong...
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    Litter train elderly rabbit? 🐇

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    Litter train elderly rabbit? 🐇

    Do you have other pets in your home? Our sanctuary crew, no one is bonded at this time, will include meticulous litter box users, and a few new "kids" who mark territory like the dog who walks along a sidewalk, sniffs a tree, and lifts a leg to urinate. Marking territory. Suggestions: A...
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    Does this setup look okay?

    Agree, Diane R. // One of our girls ingested a lot of cardboard and she got a blockage.
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    Does this setup look okay?

    Do you have access to cotton sheets at a thrift store? - It's good to see you limit the bedding pellets or litter pan bedding to just the litter pan instead of covering the entire bottom of his small caging unit. You might consider adding a cotton sheet folded to fit his caging unit, and...
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    Spay Area Infected ?

    Did your DVM talk about limiting her space (for tissue to heal over the OVH area) after her spay?
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    Poop Palace

    The spraying is horrendous. We were ecstatic when neuter days arrived, and our knowledgeable DVMs proceeded to "fix" persistent spray jets. Have you googled on litterbox training or searched the links on Rabbits Online? Mary E. Cotter and Amy Sedaris have educational videos thru Howcast on...
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    Wild nest found with black+white+brown baby. Domestic?

    Hubby had to ask if domestics come in agouti colors as he saw 3 abandoned rabbits on the "street" years ago. Seems very strange for the purported multi-colored bun to be an eastern cottontail. 'Though I got the call to help ID a leucistic bun found in a person's backyard; Harlequin and dutch...
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    How can I convince my parents to get a rabbit? (again)

    Yes. It is expensive owning a rabbit. Reputable rescues will screen and can provide more information on a particular rabbit's personality. Your parents have to be onboard with care of your beloved pet and be ready to bun-proof the home you all live in. 10-14 years if you adopt a...
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    New To Fostering ~ Any Tips?

    Fostered many, rescued many, adopted many. For the past 17 years. I would speak with a rabbit-savvy person at the rescue or shelter. How much expense will the rescue/shelter cover for fostering? All pets cost money so be prepared for vet bills and purchasing hay and the essentials that...
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    My bunny is really thin

    Has Pascal been to a DVM? Did you take a fecal sample in to be checked for worms?
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    Should Rabbits Have Toys After Spay

    She will be drowsy from the surgery meds given. You can offer a jingle toy but she may simply want to rest. AFter my surgeries, rest with pain meds was my primary focus. Does Oreo have a fave stuffie pal that you can put in her limited space recovery housing unit? Lumi will take days to...
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    Something that isn't supposed to be there...

    Googled on Estonia region. Thank you for listening to rabbit parents and guardians who wisely advise that unneutered males kept together can result in death.
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    Am I feeding too much veggies?

    We care for more than a dozen special needs' and elder sanctuary members. We provide one romaine leaf in the a.m. with cilantro (when decent cilantro is available), always fresh hay, and approx. 3/4th to 1 c. of greens/veggie mix in their evening salad bowl. All do well with that plan. Our...