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    Should Rabbits Have Toys After Spay

    She will be drowsy from the surgery meds given. You can offer a jingle toy but she may simply want to rest. AFter my surgeries, rest with pain meds was my primary focus. Does Oreo have a fave stuffie pal that you can put in her limited space recovery housing unit? Lumi will take days to...
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    Something that isn't supposed to be there...

    Googled on Estonia region. Thank you for listening to rabbit parents and guardians who wisely advise that unneutered males kept together can result in death.
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    Am I feeding too much veggies?

    We care for more than a dozen special needs' and elder sanctuary members. We provide one romaine leaf in the a.m. with cilantro (when decent cilantro is available), always fresh hay, and approx. 3/4th to 1 c. of greens/veggie mix in their evening salad bowl. All do well with that plan. Our...
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    How Old Are Your Rabbits?

    Recently found out our DVM clinic sees a rabbit who is 15 years young. Our elder girl is getting a course of laser therapy for her spine malady, and laser therapy by the savvy CVT has already made a Huge Improvement in her aptitude and mobility! Plus she'll reingest her vitamin packlets...
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    Bunny not eating Cecotropes?

    Do you have pain med? Meloxicam?
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    Male bunny neutered and is now a much better bunny!

    We saw shelter rabbits come in routinely at that age, 3 or 4, and were neutered successfully by the shelter DVM who did hundreds of SNIP surgeries. That being said, our 4 y.o. boy adopted from the shelter in 2003 did A-OK. w/his neuter at the shelter. Yet I trust my rabbit-savvy DVM to do...
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    Ear mites ?

    Please update when your bun sees the rabbit-savvy vet.
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    Bunny Limping turned more serious. Advice wanted!

    I'm so sorry. Xayah will always be in our memories, and most of all he can be grateful for all you did, your loving care, and proceeded with the best options. To alleviate suffering or pain. Heartfelt sympathy and hugs.
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    Devastated over bunny

    Condolences on the loss of Midnight, Barbed. A caring individual will always grieve a beloved bun's passing. Ditto what Nancy wrote. Each loss takes a chunk of our hearts... I personally believe the more you care, or the stronger you bond with your pet or an animal, the harder the...
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    I think my bunnies hate me... and it might be mutual

    Correction on my above entry. Do not adhere to the paper contract they signed.
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    Bunny's leg in unnatural position after injury, need some advice!

    How is your girl doing, Jelovceva?
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    I think my bunnies hate me... and it might be mutual

    After years of volunteering at the local shelter, I saw that some returned rabbits were not kept for re-adoption; they may be (or were!) euthanized due to space restrictions. (A family or the adult came to surrender the black lop they adopted earlier, her name was Flower. She was...
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    I think my bunnies hate me... and it might be mutual

    Please return the pair to the rescue. What Diane R. has (also) given as advice, in addition to everyone's thoughts on happiness for you and your companions. Do not give away. Our very first bun adopted from the shelter in 2003 had me at my wit's end. Nipping, and uncooperative. I...
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    Bunny Limping turned more serious. Advice wanted!

    An xray won't show a fracture area? We had a bun with a neurological concern, brain tumor, that had a sad ending. I guesstimate Xayah with a suspected fx or injury has a better chance to enjoy life for much longer! Not all bun guardians are specialized or willing to take on a special needs'...