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    Making Bunny Playpen

    Here is my converted XL dog crate, with fleece foor & shelf.
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    Flooring for Non-Litter Trained Bunny

    Also larger litter box if you are using a small pet litter pan it may not be large enough.
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    Flooring for Non-Litter Trained Bunny

    Anything with a strong smell is not recommended. No scented litter or bedding, etc. bunnies are very sensitive to smells & odors.
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    Flooring for Non-Litter Trained Bunny

    I agree with other posters. Until my bunny was litter trained I did not put anything on the cage floor. After several weeks of consistent use of the litter box I added fleece or a soft rug. Mine still get poop out of the box but not pee so it is easy to pick up the fleece and shake out in the...
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    Hay rack

    I purchase 1 bale every 3 months for 4 bunnies. I only pay $8 per bale in Florida. I store some inside in a large storage container to use daily and the rest in my garage or storage shed in a large outside garbage can. It saves me so much money! Will never go back to pet store hay!
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    HELP!! two male bunnies

    Try local or nearby bigger city shelters. They will give much better rates than an exotic vet and have a lot of experience as the fix their animals before rehoming. I found 1 in Florida that is only $30 with great references.
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    What am I doing wrong?

    It may just be his personality. I have 4 bunnies currently. They each have their own preferences and how much they like to socialize with me. My bunny Maybell was not very sociable as a baby but now she will sit next to me on my bed for pets for an hour. Just allowing your bunny out in your...
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    Rookie mistake... :(

    My surprise baby kits. Judy in her nest during birth. I caught it on video and posted it to YouTube. It was a neat experience to watch a live bunny birth.
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    Rookie mistake... :(

    This same thing happened to me! I felt like a dummy. I had 2 litters within a week as Lyon then named June was house with 2 girls. He had a split penis so it was difficult to tell until he matured and his testicals dropped. Luckily I found a great home for the babies. I understand the...
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    Question about wood stove pellets

    I clean mine every 4 to 6 days but I replenish the hay daily. You can always switch to horse stall bedding, it is essentially the same thing. 40lbs for $6.99 at Walmart online, $5.44 at my local Walmart.
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    Question about wood stove pellets

    My 40lb bag last about 1.5 months for 4 bunnies. I change it every 4 to 6 days depending on the bunny. I do use 4 separate litter boxes, they are currently all housed separately.
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    Question about wood stove pellets

    Walmart carries horse stall bedding made of pine pellets that are safe/ kiln dried. Order onlin 6.99 for a 40lb bag.
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    2019 Cages - add your photo!

    Xpen with top story DIY NIC grid condo. Fleece flooring in Xpen with vinyl floor in top condo. My Lionhead Lyon is housed in the top & giant bun Hopps on the bottom.
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    Bunny lost a tooth?

    I have 2 bunnies with front teeth issues. I trim Lyon’s teeth regularly and he adapts well. His daughter Pinky just lost her 2 bottom front teeth. She was starting to show signs of malocclusion like her dad. I think the reason her teeth fell out is due to genetic issues. I will continue to...