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    Cinder Here: how many (animal) friends do you live with?

    I (Queen Buttercup) currently live with (or in the same household): 2 other rabbits: Teddy and Creampuff 2 dogs: Ingle and Benny 4 parakeets (or so I have been told ... hear them but have never seen them as they are in another area) 2 guinea pigs
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    I just got the chance to sneak on here while my human is logged in and she isn't watching ... gotta do it quick so here goes: There was a change in my human's other pets. I'm mean, I've been around her smallish dogs ever since I was young, and I've seen occasional rabbits come and go, but...
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    Maybe getting alittle Polish Bun

    This reminds me of a time when I had several guinea pigs and bred them sometimes. Through one posting, I found another guinea pig lover and she got several of my guinea pigs as well as others from other people. However, several months later, she asked me to take her guinea pigs and rehome them...
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    Turning rabbit on their back

    If you are talking about trancing, I agree that can be considered mean, but as others have said, if it is the only way you can do it, then you have to do it. Putting them on their back (without trancing) is a totally different story. Many people (including me) trim their rabbit's nails while...
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    Hay storage

    I was told from a rep from Kleenmama's hayloft ... when I used to buy hay over the internet ... that as long as the hay was properly dried, there should not be any problem keeping it in a closed container. The problem is if the hay gets wet or damp it will become moldy. I've kept hay in various...
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    whats your favorite rabbit breed

    What's my favorite breed? I love the longhair rabbits. I guess if I had to name a favorite longhair rabbit breed, at the moment it would be the French Angora (although I am saying this based on ONE French Angora, compared to 4 English Angoras). My French Angora loves attention, and is just such...
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    Life with Angora Bunnies

    Thank you!
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    How to get rabbit to play with toys???

    Here are some of the toys and chews I have purchased for my rabbits. I think Buttercup will devour or chew on anything. The others, haven't tried much yet. I just put a half of a willow stick in with Creampuff, and she started chewing on it right away. The willow sticks I tend to take out of...
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    Life with Angora Bunnies

    It's been quite some time since I posted anything about my bunnies, and a lot has changed in the past year, so thought I would share my current bunny crew. All of my bunnies have come from postings on Craigslist. I love longhair animals, whether it be dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, or even...
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    How to get rabbit to play with toys???

    In my experience, cat jingle ball toys are ok. But try to get something that feels pretty sturdy and it if can be picked up it may be better. I've found a cat/bird toy that most of my rabbits have at least played with a bit ... it is not a ball, but like a cylinder shaped with bars running the...
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    Kaytee hay

    I buy hay from Tractor Supply. They sell a 40 pound compressed timothy hay bundle/bag/bale that was around $20 the last time I got it. It lasts quite a while and my rabbits seem to eat it ok. I've also purchased hay bales in the past from a farmer's co-op but like having the hay in a bag at...
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    Mini Rex

    Rex are super soft but they do shed. From what I understand the sore hocks in rex breeds may be due to poor posture or conformation. And angoras of any type are hard to find. It seems like the breeders of those types of rabbits don't advertise much, probably because of the increased care the fur...
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    Stopping a rabbit "panic attack"?

    The "skittish" one that appeared to start this has maybe had 2 bad frights, where she runs around the cage. She does dash across the cage maybe a time or two other times. She often will jump into her litter box, which is under a shelf in the cage. I was thinking about putting something like...
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    Stopping a rabbit "panic attack"?

    Is there any way to calm a rabbit down during what I would call a "panic attack" ... where the rabbit gets spooked by whatever and runs around the cage and bouncing (or hitting) the walls of his or her cage? I had a bunny scare this morning. One of my rabbits tends to get spooked by who knows...
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    Raise your hand if you have a rabbit that's a jerk

    I have an young adult female English Angora I got recently that well, just doesn't want to be touched, or perhaps just on her terms. And here I thought English Angoras, for the breed in general, are mild mannered. If I try to touch her in her cage, even when offering her pellets, she flinches...