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    Hormonal rabbit! Help!

    So lately my rabbit was starting to act weird like circling me and pooping every where. Looking it up it’s a sign of her needing to get spayed. So I called my local vet clinic and they won’t have the appointment until March 25! What can I do to sooth her, I just see her not calm down ever and I...
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    Need advice on switching food

    Ok thank you so much I’ve been stressing out on how I can get her to eat more of her hay this was really healthful :)
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    Need advice on switching food

    The only thing is she doesn’t eat her hay in my opinion enough. And also I give her alfalfa hay which researching more is not necessary for them but I’ve been trying to mix Timothy hay with the alfalfa but she just digs to get to the alfalfa. What should I do first?
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    Need advice on switching food

    When I first got my bunny from a breeder she gave me this transition feed bag and then I transitioned her to a terrible pellet food. I looked up the ingredients months later and feel so guilty. Now I’m trying to transition her to oxbow but no matter how little oxbow I put to transition her she...