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    Is it okay that my bonded rabbits seem to enjoy wrestling for treats?

    My bonded rabbit pair do this. It's primarily the dominant buck stealing the doe's treats. It's like he only wants her treat; he'll ignore the second treat and only eat the one the doe chooses, which usually means stealing it out from under her or from her mouth!
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    Where to find these toys?

    You can always check Ebay for sellers willing to do international shipping. That's how I got my Ikea Hols that they don't sell in the US.
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    Litter disposal

    Um... put it in a garbage bag that goes out with the weekly trash. I could probably, like, bury it or burn it or something, but that seems like too much work, and my neighbors would probably start wondering what's going on :D (You composters must be out in the country or something. I've never...
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    Bunny Ebola

    From what I've read, yes. It would be a good idea to have indoor & outdoor shoes if you have indoor rabbits. Not presently; and when it becomes possible, maybe. RHDV2 is not presently in IN (cf. USDA APHIS | 2020 Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease -- Affected Counties). From what I've read, once...
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    Is it a good idea to try and attract wild rabbits?

    I feed the cottontails outside my house by throwing out food for them -- I've taught them to respond/come with a *tsktsk* sound (like the sound one hears people make when riding horses), which they asociate with food. I'm doing this from a 2nd floor deck; I doubt I could do this if I was on the...
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    need help finding an affordable+nice looking rug!

    I get mine from a local big-box store when they're on sale. Note the *type* of rug matters: some are formed with little loops that buns can absolutey destroy in no time flat. Don't get these. I've found the best rugs are short single-strand (non-loop-strand) rugs with rubber backing.
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    Best way to clean hay

    I pick what I can up by hand, then vacuum the rest with a high-quality vacuum that can handle fur & hay (I recently got a Kenmore pet vacuum that works very well). This is for two house rabbits. If I had eight (!) rabbits, I'd probably go with a heavy-duty industrial shop vac with wide air flow...
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    are these prices worth it? (tokihut, maze havens, wood hideys)

    I think most rabbits would enjoy a regular used box just the same as a fancy, color-designed box.
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    Needing Sleep Suggestions

    I ended up just getting a cheap rug that fit under my bed and let my buck use it as his territory. He has great litter habbits and the rug keeps him from pulling/chewing the carpet strands, so it works well for us both :) I think rabbits view the space underneath beds as prime bunny habitat and...
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    Outdoor rabbit shed idea...

    I hear of outdoor areas like this a lot from people in Europe, but rarely in the US . There's a Facebook group from Norway called Den Store Kaninboka that has a lot of posts about outdoor habitats. They might give you some good ideas of what people have built -- there's some really impressive...
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    Potential vet costs?

    My personal experiences with a pair of adopted house rabbits in Michigan: I pay just under $200/year for an annual checkup for two rabbits. Bloodwork is $150, and I've only had it done twice. My experience with emergency care has been on the more expensive side: treatment for stasis due to...
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    AC temperature for bunnies

    I keep my house around 73-74 F in the summer, but it's a 2000s house that's not very expensive to cool. House rabbits should be able to acclimate just like their wild conterparts. it's over 90 F outside here, and the cottontails are still out & about doing rabbit things. If you do make...
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    Quick grooming help

    Just be gentle and listen to your rabbit during the process :) One of mine likes getting brushed, but only certain ways (no metal brushes!). The other hates me brushing him period and simply will have nothing to do with it.
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    Moths and rabbits!!

    You don't have to worry about your bun, but some moths have larvae that will eat clothes. By the way, some moths can be as beautiful as butterflies :)
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    I think I've got to re-home Robbie

    He probably attacks when you change his litterbox because it's HIS litterbox -- his territory. It'll take him time to learn to be less defensive of his territory (mine did). I asked about space because it he doesn't have much space to call his own, he might be more territorial and aggressively...