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    Mites or Allergy?

    I had a Rex buck who had exactly this problem. He had springtail mites....it looked like he was shedding all the time with lots of dandruffy stuff in it. No he did not have patches missing, no he did not get sores.....my vet mixed up some diluted ivermectin solution for him...ask your vet about...
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    Young Pet Store Bun

    if he is new just changeing his diet can upset his system but becareful because if the loose stools continue or if they smell badly its can possably be Coccidiosis. Wich can spread to anything that is alive including you, please wash your hands very well.....
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    Head tilt, rolling... parasite???

    Sounds to me like your rabbit has Wry-neck. Hope she gets better. Its usualy from an ear infection and can take a loooong time to get better...but as long as she is eating and drinking dont give up !!! Sometimes baytril doesnt cut it tho....if not maybe ask your vet about cipro.
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    Orange Bottom

    rabbits sometimes have orange urine, it can be caused by diet, dehydratioin or stress , alotta times i noticed the first freeze most of my rabbits got it....but it goes away on a few days just be sure hes got plenty of fresh water.....does his cage have a wire floor or solid bottom, his bottom...