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    Lost new 3 bunny owner :0/

    Thank you for all the great insights on attempting to bond three rabbits. We have a male/female bonded pair and were recently wondering if we shouldn’t try to share the love, by bringing home a third (female) for the holidays, which was of course the sole rabbit at the shelter. For those of...
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    Bedding options

    Outdoor enclosure... Anyone had any success with grasses and/or white clover (read about WC on this site in a few spots). We are in South Florida, full shade, and have tried everything from carpet to hay to grass and always end up back at dirt. Our ground area is about 50 SF and they have a...
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    Outdoor habitat ideas?

    We’ve had great success with our outdoor enclosure. First we dug down about 6” and laid galvanized chicken wire. We put landscape felt on top, and replaced the dirt. The perimeter sits on concrete paver stones. No escapees or unwanted intruders. With regards to your basement window...
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    What litter tray do you use?

    We just switched from a rectangular plastic litter box (traditional) to a round hard red/orange plastic pot base from Home Depot. Sturdy and high enough sides, it’s about 18” around and cost about $10. They took right to it and haven’t dumped it over. Our big girl is a 10lb California Rabbit...
  5. outdoor habitat fav lounge spot

    outdoor habitat fav lounge spot

    This is the fav lounge spot. Good view of surroundings.
  6. Outdoor habitat highly recommend

    Outdoor habitat highly recommend

    Rabbits love... No ramps, just shelves. They are offset 12” in height from one to the next. Living quarter on top. Shelf to house window. Rabbits love to jump from level to level. About 6 months ago they realized they could jump to the roof of the living quarter and now spend time there too!
  7. Outdoor secure enclosure

    Outdoor secure enclosure

    Enclosure has nailed lattice roof and chicken wire throughout to protect from predators. We have raccoons, possums, hawks, and cats in the neighborhood. Lower 18” is solid wood.
  8. outdoor litter circle / box.

    outdoor litter circle / box.

    New litter box. 18” Round hard plastic pot base from Home Depot. Seems pretty durable for about $10. They took right to it and the sides are just high enough to hold litter material in place.