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    Bio-sponge dosage for cottontail baby

    Hi...there really isn't a true dosage for BioSponge. If you tried to make one, you can multiply the weight of the animal by .01 and convert the amount of Bio Sponge. In reality, just a "pinch" in formula is all that is needed. It is quite effective and is fairly inert so unless you just feed...
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    Metacam Dosages

    There is a standard mammal dosing for Metacam (cats should usually NOT be given metacam). The amount of the dose depends on the weight of the animal and the concentration of the drug. If the weaker concentration of the drug is used, it will be much higher than the more concentrated version (oral...
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    Is this the best antibiotic and dosage for ear infection from pasturella?

    Just happened to stop in and saw this thread. I have done a lot of vestibular infections. I would suggest getting some x-rays of the upper arcade teeth on the side of the infection to take a peek at those roots. If you are using PenG Procaine, that drug should be used every day. Procaine is fast...
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    Remedy for diarrhea

    Oh boy. Yogurt DOES NOT help with diarrhea and can make it worse. The idea is the "beneficial" bacteria (which actually stabilizes the pH in the gut)in yogurt. Most yogurt contains dairy products (lactose) and sugars. Lactose and/or refined sugars are not welltolerated by rabbits. While yogurt...
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    UK members - Cisapride availability

    GI motility drugs are inappropiate for use in rabbits and are not the proper response to stasis. The only vets I know that use these are usually either very old and out of touch or really don't know that much about rabbits. Motility drugs should be avoided.
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    Head tilt - recovery question

    Just happened to see this one. I would suggest disregarding the mentioned link to a rabbit site regarding E Cuniculi. There is still so much incorrect information about this affliction. A few things about EC. Almost all rabbits have been exposed to this parasite. Symptoms are gradual...
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    GI Stasis, possible Upper Respiratory Infection

    Was asked to look at this thread. Couple of questions. What antibiotics is being used? Many oral drugs...especially sulfa (like Bactrim, SMZ, TMZ, Sulfatrim, et.) or Ciprofloxacins (Baytril, Cipro and Zeniquin) can cause loss of appetite and a somewhat lethargic action. Are supplemental fluids...
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    Baby bunny cannot keep balance or hop

    I would agree with Eileen. Sounds like head trauma. Time is the best cure for that. Metacam would be good since it is anti-inflammatory. It can be used for a longer period of time in rabbits than in other species. KMR and/or Goat's Milk is not appropriate nutrition and the heavy cream is a huge...
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    Long-term hock abscess

    Just wondering....who is your vet? Had a minute so I thought I would pop in and check the forum. I talked with a very nice vet from TN aday or so agoregarding a long term hock abscess. Thought this might be the same case. Seems to be a lot of concern about the staph issue....staph isn't the...
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    speying, help!!

    First....was she given pain meds to take home? If not, call your vet and insist on pain meds. Metacam is better than nothing but is totally insufficient in the big picture. Buprenex or Tramadol are excellent choices. Many vets will tell you they give a one time injection and that is all they...
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    Abcess not use peroxide. Not a good thing on rabbit skin. That appears to be a dental abscess so an x-ray to look at the roots of the teeth and the structure of the jaw should be in order. I have had perfect success on numerous abscesses in treating with a combination of injectable Pen G...
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    Interesting Article

    This isn't specifically related to rabbits but it still is relevent to our discussions. I have preached the entire time I have been on this forum about the misuse of antibiotics, particularly Ciprofloxacins like Baytril. Now a small clinical study on humans is confirming what I have been saying...
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    Suspected GI Stasis help?

    What is the diet? Once in stasis, the proper response is hydration. That can be done either by orally giving water thru a syringe, infused by sub-q or IV or by eating leafy greens such as romaine lettuce or dandelions. A combination of hydration along with movement usually will help to get...
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    This type of thing is most often caused by diet. What exactly are you feeding? Smelly poop is also sometimes an indication of intestinal parasite particularly cocccidia. Randy
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    All mammals (including humans) and most birds carry pasteurella. It is most commonly found in the respiratory system but can infect any tissue. Pasteurella is a faculative can live with or without oxygen. It is an opportunistic bacteria which means it stays dormant until something...