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    Bunny Rescue Contest!

    The bunnies thank you!
  2. Pipp

    Bunny Rescue Contest!

    Hey all, please vote for us and for other bunny rescues. (You can vote for more than one rescue, but only once a week, we've been voting for Rabbitats and Warren Peace). The bunnies can use the monies!
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    Susan Slywchuk...former member

    Sooska... I was shocked as well. :'( And I had been following her posts. Thanks for the sharpening the focus on the memories. (And thanks for the kudos Angela). <3 I miss the old RO family, humans and bunnies. RIP Susan. You were loved.
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    Mama Lop Genital Issue

    Second look today, it doesn't seem red enough for a prolapse? She'll be at the vet in a couple of hours.
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    Mama Lop Genital Issue

    Okay kiddies, avert your eyes. Bunny genitals below! We took in a little family of Holland Lops, we think mom, dad and baby. (They were tossed onto the side of the road in a cardboard box). The mama lop appears to have an issue in her nether regions. Is this a swollen urethra? A prolapsed...
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    Momma Rabbit on Antibiotics, Will It Affect The Kits?

    I wonder if another antibiotic might be better for the kits?
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    Momma Rabbit on Antibiotics, Will It Affect The Kits?

    Posting for a friend, she has angoras and just had a surprise litter, the mom is on antibiotics (Chloramphenicol) for a chronic respiratory infection, she can't stop taking them, how will this affect the kits? Pipp
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    RIP Pipp

    Pipp's 11th birthday would have been in July, but she started failing this past year -- she was blind, bone thin, wobblly and had a chronic respiratory infection. She had a stroke on last Monday, and on Wednesday, I took her in for her final journey. Here are some of her old threads to...
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    Happy Gotcha Day Pipp!!

    I came home Monday night to find Pipp lying on the floor unable to get up. She had a stroke. She spent the next 40 hours cuddling happily on my lap before I took her to the vet Wednesday for her final journey. She would have turned 11 in July. We haven't been here for awhile, but she left...
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    The local feral population we visit when I get bunny withdrawal [img heavy]

    Rabbitats is rescuing the Richmond Auto Mall bunnies and others, check out (and please like the page!) and We'll be getting more active on RO hopefully soon, just soooo busy with this stuff! Pekoe, if you're reading this, still looking for permission...
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    change in circumstances

    I agree! My guys are equally challenged if not more so, just because of shear volume and my duties with other bunnies. Getting her a friend, though, really would be the icing on the cake for a nice life. My bonded pair are sitting in their three-shelf condo right now with the door open, they...
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    change in circumstances

    Azerane, most rescues will bond the bunnies. They'll let Bugs and his mom meet some potential mates and when they decide on one he likes, keep both Bugs and the mate for a few days to make sure they bond. sas
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    Oh no, missed this before, terrible loss for us all. :( Korr was always a favourite of mine, a little Pipp. (She's nine this month). I want them to live forever. :( So sad, and so sorry for your loss. :( :RIP: Korr sas
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    change in circumstances

    I think you should get Bug a friend and a bit more space (more shelves, a run, whatever) and then she wouldn't need you for entertainment or exercise. Rabbits are being surrendered in record numbers, Bug may be okay but another shelter bunny won't be. This way you can save two two rabbits from...
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    Mass Removal

    So sorry ... :sad: