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    Picture with Santa

    I take my rabbits in their stroller into all kinds of stores and no one has ever had an issue with it. Just look to make sure there's not a sign on the door prohibiting animals (normally stores that have food). They like going to the pet store, Lowes, the mall, park, etc. Juwst be prepared for...
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    Can we please have this policy put back up as a Sticky?

    Is there any way a user can "hide" and area so it does not show up when they click "new posts"?
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    We're Gonna Have a White Christmas!

    Thanks guys! I know it is silly for a 3*mumbles* old adult to still get excited, but I love my birthday. My husband send me roses to work :) Good luck with the storm, hopefully you won't have any power issues.
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    We're Gonna Have a White Christmas!

    I wish it would snow like crazy for Christmas and then not for the rest of the winter! We tend to get more snow in Jan-Mar. Jennifer, when is your birthday? It sounds like it is close. Mine is today!:balloons:
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    Questions on euthanasia

    That is horrible your vet won't let you be there. I don't think I could work with someone who wouldn't bend on that. I personally feel I have to hold my animal, at least hold their paw, when they cross. It is harder for me to grieve otherwise, but that is just me. My vet is awesome and let me be...
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    What do you do when you cant sell?

    Wendy- I just want to explain why I end up commenting in the rabbitry room as a non-breeder since you asked the question. I always hit the "new posts" button and that gives me everything. There are many times I am reading something before I realise it IS in this room. I honestly wish there was a...
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    Featured Friday (Your Rabbits!)

    If they are a bonded pair do you want their joint story or try to make it just about each individual? I love this idea and will be sending you my kids soon! (pictures of course, Katie would kill me if I ever sent the kids to anyone but her)
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    What spooks your bunny?

    Panda and Bunnicula hate the microwave, I wonder if there is a high pitched noise we don't hear? Becky doesn't like violence on tv- explosions, guns, yelling etc. Sometimes Houdini goes on thumping sprees and I can't figure out what has him rattled *shrugs* He settles down after a few minutes so...
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    Netherland Dwarf

    This is what I posted back to her in the room. I will add any updates I get. Is he neutered and can you send me a photo? It is really hard to find good rabbit homes, but I posted everywhere I know. I already have 6 on top of other pets, so I can't take him in. I don't want to be critical...
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    Netherland Dwarf

    Cross posted from CCSPCA page (West Chester, PA): Need some help from any Rabbit people! I have a year old Netherland Dwarf! He's a great little guy, he's litter trained, walks on a leash, and is a sweetheart! Unfortunately my daughter has lost interest, and even though he's getting the best...
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    Favorite bunny body part

    I have to join the nose crowd and pick it- get it, pick their nose? LOL sorry, long day... but it is had to choose sides on this one....
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    Questions on euthanasia

    My vet uses the injection, but they don't use an IV kit the way they do with dogs and cats, just an injection. Either way should be peaceful, it makes them relax and fall asleep. If Zoey has a bond-mate be sure they are there at the end. It makes a huge differnce in helping a bun get over the...
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    Questions on euthanasia

    I don't think anyone can tell you what to do. :hug: However, honestly if my rabbit had thoes types of symptoms I think I would let them go. She isn't going to get better from this and the suffering is going to increase. It is so hard to say goodbye, we never have enough time to love our little ones.
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    pellet free diet

    Personally I don't think there is one RIGHT way to feed every rabbit. I feed a small amount of pellets (1/3c), moderate veggies (2c), and lots of hay. It works well for my rabbits in my experience, but sometimes a particular rabbit may have helth issues that push a person to another type of...
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    Questions on euthanasia

    Oh I am so very sorry you have to face this situation. Does the vet think she is suffering? It sounds like pain may be a real issue here. Only you will know when the time is right because you know Zoey. Cherish every moment you have left with her. :pray: