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    Sneezing not responding to treatment

    Did the echinacea help yours at all? My chunky bun has no problem gaining weight, she was 300g when I got her and is now 1kg! She is still young and was definitely underweight which is probably why she got sick in the first place but considering that she is otherwise a very healthy rabbit it...
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    Sneezing not responding to treatment

    You were in the exact same situation as me then... She started with vibracin (doxycylcine) for 4 weeks, then moved on to sulfamethoxazole/trimethoprim which she has been on for 3 weeks and needs one or two more to complete the course. She has simultaneously been taking an antihistamine (since...
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    Happy in their hutches?

    My bunny also spends most of her time in her cage. I make sure to let her out for a least an hour a day just to do zoomies and jump around, but once I put her back in she doesn’t make a fuss and sometimes she even goes in by herself to flop and sleep! I wouldn’t worry too much if their behaviour...
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    Sneezing not responding to treatment

    I was gifted a surprise rabbit in early june which had been bought cheap from a random lady by some friends. When I received her she was sneezing and had nasal discharge. I took her to the vet the next day and since then she has been on several different treatments: broad spectrum antibiotics...