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    Wendell the Wandering Wabbit's Travel Blog

    Where oh where has our little Wendal gone? Globe trotting bunny from the cold Alaskan land. Ambassador to the world around us. Friend to many, confidant to bunnies around these vast lands. Lover of planes, and of Vegas lights. Sweet innocent Wendal your many fans hope for your safe return...
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    Wendell the Wandering Wabbit's Travel Blog

    Makes me want to cry.
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    Wendell the Wandering Wabbit's Travel Blog

    Mike you crack me up!!!
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    Wendell the Wandering Wabbit wants to come visit you!

    Me!!! You have my addy!
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    Hey, I'm totally still alive!

    :( Sorry about Erik.
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    New crochet dragon!!! :)

    That is very cool! I love it!
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    Where do you clothes shop?

    I have to wait for big sales to shop at the store I like but only place I can get my size.
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    Word Association - 2011

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    A Case For Multiple Rabbits

    Agree some bunnies want to live alone. Now to see if you have a blog.
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    how do you clip the back nails?

    The tip I give people is clip to the fur and not past it unless the are clear nails and you can see the quik.
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    :bigtears: I can not say how sad this makes me. I am so sorry. Binky Free
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    I am in CT but go into Mass often!
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    New relationship

    Together for 11 in July, married 7 will be 8 in October.