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    Warrenz (Wild Rabbit RPG)

    Two more poses were added recently. The Dutch pattern was also added, and broken pattern is coming up next!
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    Warrenz (Wild Rabbit RPG)

    More art and features have been added including new poses, new colors, and new locations! You can earn points now by foraging for items and then turning them in for rewards. Here are some more cute warrenz bunnies!
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    baby bunnies, I have questions, please help

    Hello! Congratulations on the babies! Unlike dogs who have special puppy food, rabbits don't have a special baby rabbit food. It's best to avoid adding anything new to their diet (besides hay or alfalfa and the food that mom's beed eating) until they're older to avoid enteritis and other gut...
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    Free roaming?

    They can get along sometimes when everyone is calm, but if something startles your rabbit and he/she starts acting like prey, such as darting across the room, it can be very exciting for a cat or dog. The calm dynamic can fall apart in an instant. I wouldn't risk leaving them alone with access...
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    What breed is my bunny? A Netherland dwarf?

    He could be pure Netherland Dwarf, just not as close to the show standard as most. That would be my guess because I've seen plenty of purebreds who look more like him, and he seems to be the same weight you would expect from a Netherland Dwarf. If not, than probably a Netherland Dwarf cross...
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    Large Cages and not active bunnies

    That sounds like a good plan if the current cage is really small. Maybe she'll be more active in a bigger one. Good luck!
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    Albino Baby

    Albinism is safe in rabbits, unlike some other animals. They live full, normal lives just like other rabbits. No special needs.
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    Mom with 9 kits, what can I feed her?

    Here's the magic supplement for nursing does so they don't get underweight.
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    Large Cages and not active bunnies

    If you let her out and she likes to run around more, it might be worth it. Otherwise, might not be needed for her. Some rabbits don't like running around much. You can still get it if you want, but not something I'd fret over if she's doesn't care for big spaces anyway.
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    Monthly/Yearly Budget for Large Rabbits?

    I might pay around $20 a month in a typical month by getting things in bulk from feed stores. Pet stores tend to overprice things that you can get cheaper (and even better quality) elsewhere. Pellets - I get a 15lb or 25lb bag of plain pellet feed. This lasts a couple months for a single...
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    Severe weather and bunnies

    I live in Florida where we get hurricane and tornado warnings, have to evacuate sometimes. The rabbits each have their own carriers that they stay in until it passes. I put a towel over it if needed so they feel safer around other animals. When I didn't have separate carriers for all of them...
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    Showable rabbit?

    If she weight 8 lbs or over, you can enter her as a Rex. If she's under the minimum senior doe weight for Rex, but over the maximum senior doe weight for Mini Rex, she'll be disqualified as either breed.
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    Bunny's keeping us up at night

    If you can't find any ways to get the rabbits to quiet down, there's some other solution. I have this problem with our dog getting up and shaking (very loudly) multiple times a night. I got a white noise machine (paid around $20) that makes sounds like rain or an ocean all night... blocks out...
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    Took in a 5 - 6 month old bunny because the owner said it is male, yet testicles have not dropped

    I'm not sure about this because it sounds unusual. I took care of a rabbit once though who was over 6 months old and only had one testicle. He was very aggressive and had to be fed with an oven mit.
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    HELP!! two male bunnies

    It's not always possible with males, especially unneutered ones. Their instinct is to fight.