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    your favorite photo

    I have both Hazel and White Chocolate in here, but I should probably update with Harvey.
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    Rehabilitating a cottontail

    Hi Aldamar, sorry it took me so long to reply. I don't come here very often anymore. We fed Hazel, our cottontail, a diet of mainly fresh greens, vegetables, herbs, and flowers. We offered hay, but she was not keen on it. She prefered fresh greens and grass. I did however dry my own herbs for...
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    Outside living~

    Have you seen these threads? and Lots of good ideas and outdoor housing there. Check this out too: and this...
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    Rehabilitating a cottontail

    Nice of you to care for that little cottontail! We had a Western Cottontail ourselves :). Hazel lived with us for 8 and a half years. Sorry, I can't help you with the medical care. I hope your vet has a good solution for you. If you want though, I can talk to you about Hazel's diet. I hope all...
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    A diet for Lupa

    Not sure how old Lupa is, but here are some good suggestions on diet for the different ages.
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    any ideas of greens mix?

    dubble posting :)
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    any ideas of greens mix?

    You can start at 3 months.
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    Any bunny owners in California?? :)

    Sacramento, currently, moving to Santa Cruz Mountains next summer. Christine, do you have a good bunny vet in the Bay Area? I'll need some recommendations by next year :).
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    What is the best temperature range for a rabbit

    Thank you :) The bunny in that picture is Hazel, my first bunny. She died last july, aged 8&1/2. I'm glad my suggestions helped. They can over-heat so quickly. Hope you can keep everyone cool! And there's some cooler weather on the way it seems :)
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    What is the best temperature range for a rabbit

    Panchomaha, if you can, freeze some water bottles, wrap them in a towel, and put them in with the bunny, so they can choose to lie up against the cold bottle, or not. You can also wet their ears with cold water. I too live in the hot Central Valley, and when our AC broke down, these things...
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    What amount of greens do you feed to your small rabbits?

    Maybe her pellets are just naturally small and dark? I know Hazel's were all her life, and she lived to be 8 1/2. She had very few bouts of stasis, except the last year. She ate mainly greens, they were the staple of her diet, but she got a at least 7-8 different ones a day. (I live in...
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    How much water does your rabbit drink?

    1) Not much at all. His bowl hardly goes down in a day. He gets most of his fluids from his greens. 2) Last weighed 7 pounds 5 ounces, and still growing. He should end up being about 10-11 pounds. 3) 2 baskets full daily. Not sure about the weight, I will have to weigh some time. I'm...
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    What is Harvey?

    He was neutered the day before we adopted him. He definitely is a boy. And he "dropped" before he was neutered. I asked specifically about Flemish Giants, so I can have some idea about how old he really is, because he seems to have been neutered young enough to not show hormonal behaviour. Or do...
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    What is Harvey?

    Could it be that he is small because he was underfed? He was on limited pellets (1/8 cup a day) and timothy hay already. I already upped his pellet ration, and started adding some alfalfa hay. Btw, he measures 17 inches nose to butt, when he is lying stretched out. Might he also be younger than...
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    What is Harvey?

    Thanks Misty. Can you tell me what you would base this on? I mean, to me he has lots of Flemish traits, but then again he also could be Palomino. That's why I was asking people who might know :) So I guess what I'm asking is basically, what are the differences? To me, a Palomino looks very much...