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    Are two tier hutches okay for breeding?

    Hey there, basically I have two set ups at the moment - a two tier hutch inside a “greenhouse”/conservatory situation and a wendyhouse/shed with a run attached to it. I’m currently debating which to use if I was going to breed my current doe. I’m leaning towards the two tier hutch because...
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    Choc otter x tort harli colors?

    Heya, I’m a bit bad at rabbit genetics, so what will a choc otter buck (parents choc otter and blue otter) and a tort harliquin doe (not sure on parents) have? I’m hoping for some more otters but not entirewly sure how the genetics work. thanks!
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    What colors will Choc otter x broken black litter be?

    Hey there, im still a bit rusty on color genetics of bunnies - so question is as follows, what colors will a choc otter buck (parents choc otter and blue potter) and broken black doe (both parents broken blacks) spit? I’d assume some broken chocolates, and black otter, but not too sure. thanks!
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    Is a 4 month buck too young to breed?

    Hey there basically as title suggests - I want to breed my first litter of mini lops before my doe is 7 months old as I read the success rates and stress on the mother is better with a younger doe. but my buck will only be around 4 months old when my doe reaches that age. so do you think a 4...
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    What age is too old for a buck?

    Hey there, Im looking for older bucks around my area. There’s one that comes from a reputable rabbity in the colours I want but he’s 5. I’m wondering if that’s too old for a buck, as most places say to retire bucks around that age. Apparently he’s still going strong, but I wanted to ask what...
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    Too soon for a new buck?

    That was the plan, but it seems there’s none of the color/type I’d want in a close enough area. Also don’t worry, I’m upgrading to a playhouse/shed for them with attached run.
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    Too soon for a new buck?

    Hey there, I was thinking of starting a small rabbitry (after lots of research and experience with mouse breeding so I’mfamiliar with line breeding to better the breed). I seem to have fallen at the first hurdle - I got 1 doe and 2 bucks around the same time, but a cat got into the bucks...
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    LOST Rabbits! How do I get them back??

    Nope, still no sign of them. I’m highly suspecting someone has kept them for themselves, there’s no way 2 rabbits go missing in a built up area and no one reports them :(
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    LOST Rabbits! How do I get them back??

    Heya, I've lost 2 rabbits (in the bristol UK area if anyone else lives there) and I am desperate to get them back. I've flyered around the neighborhood, put them up on sites like pawboost and petslocated, contacted all the local vets... still can't find them :( Every time I get a tip it seems...
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    Is it safe to keep rabbits outdoors?

    Heya I’ve got 3 buns and spent ages making a nice big outdoor run for them, but now I’m worried about them being outside in the run overnight. it’s getting to around 5 degrees C at night, their hutch has a coop like section off the ground but I’m still worried they’d freeze or end up getting...
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    Will my rabbits be okay in an outdoor hutch?

    Thats what I'll probably do! The door can stay open and gets a good breeze too - I don't really think the humidity will be a problem honestly - at the moment I mist it a lot to boost the humidity for my tomato seedlings, but I'm sure they wont mind if I stop and the humidity will go back to...
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    Will my rabbits be okay in an outdoor hutch?

    Thanks for the help! Yeah, that's partly why I'm thinking about making another hutch (to have more options). I was actually aiming for a boy and a girl but one of them was a surprise boy! I'll probably keep one of them inside in the dog crate with the other in the hutch while the weather is a...
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    Will my rabbits be okay in an outdoor hutch?

    Heya, heres the greenhouse/shed situation (I'd probably clear out the back shelf near the door there and replace that with a 2 level hutch) and the run I made. They're 2x mini lops, both boys around 9 weeks, not neutered (yet). They were both housed outside in a hutch (undercover, I think) when...
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    Will my rabbits be okay in an outdoor hutch?

    Hey there, Trying to plan for where is best to keep my rabbits. I spent ages making a huge outdoor run for them and now I'm paranoid it'll be too cold for them, especially while they're still young. I know rabbits are good with the cold, but it gets around 2 degrees C at night and sits around 8...
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    will two males always fight? advice on colony

    hey there I was wondering if two male bunnies will always fight? One of my "bucks" has turned out to be a doe - they're brothers, and at 9 weeks so far so good, but I know they can start to get a bit feisty with each other if not neutered. Ideally I'd like to keep them both desexed and use as...