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    house train

    Hello everyone I was wondering how I could train my rabbit to not poo everywhere on the floor when I let him outside of his cage. He is only 3 months old. Any ideas? thanks!
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    Anyone in Spain?

    Hi Just wondering if any of you guys live in spain? And if so where you buy all your bunny products from? Thanks
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    Hello My rabbit will not stop licking my hands, is this normal? Thanks
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    potty train

    Hello We have only just adopted a baby rabbit two weeks ago, he is about 2 months old, everytime we let him out he poops everywhere. How could we potty train him so he doesnt do this? Thanks!
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    Side flops

    Hey everyone, bit of a silly question, but we have had our rabbit now for two weeks and he is starting to recover from stasis, but we still havent seen him side flop. He isnt scared of us, since he is always coming up to us, to stroke him and licks us. Our last rabbit did it all the time. Is...
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    long poops

    Hello No they are not cecotropes haha, they are like the normal ones but longer, today they seem to be getting back to normal and seems a bit more actice. Fingers crossed, he still isnt eating much hay though, so I have ordered two types of hay online to see if that is the problem Thabks everyone
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    long poops

    Hello I posted on here about my rabbit having digestive ileus, stasis.He is eating more now and is more active, but I have noticed that instead of doing small round poops, he is doing long poops. Any suggestions? thanks
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    digestive ileus

    He is eating maybe half his size. The thing is he is very friendly he comes to us, he lets me stroke him, goes to sleep. I dont know if this is because he isnt feeling 100 percent himself or if he is just a calm rabbit. I do worry though! Thank you so much I will keep you uppdated
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    digestive ileus

    Thank you. He gave me treatment for 3 days then to ring him. The problem is there are no vets that specialize in rabbits, but he said he had treated a quite a few of them. He checked his teeth, he said they were okay he is only a baby. maybe the stress of moving to my home a week ago. He has...
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    digestive ileus

    How long can it take them to recover? since he has been like this for a week now. But only on treatment two days. Thanks
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    digestive ileus

    It is also strange, he doesnt eat much hay or pellets, but if I offer him some brocoli or something greeen he grabs it, with real hunger. But I know we cant give him any of that since it make the situation worse.
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    digestive ileus

    Hello Yes they gave us the medications I said above, he has been on medication for two days now, but I stillthink his tummy hurts since he moves around but not a lot. He poops and eats a bit more but not like he should Idont think. At the moment he is on just a few pellets and hay. He weighs 480...
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    digestive ileus

    Hello We adopted a Belier mini lop about a week ago and we noticed that he was hardly eating and had a bit of diarrea. Yesterday we took him to the vets and they diagnosed him with digestive ileus, an infection in their stomach, which block their intestines. The vet gave him 3 injections, a pain...
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    Baby bunny nutrition

    Hey everyone! My mini lop is only two months old and I am wondering what amount should he be eating of hay, pellets, etc? Any ideas, since to me it looks like he hardly eats anything. Thanks! x
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    What breed is your rabbit(s)?

    Hello everyone When we adopted our rabbit, they said it was a mini lop. Could anyone confirm this?