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  1. DonnaM

    Bonded rabbits fighting after spay

    Hi guys New to this forum, I have an issue that I'm hoping to get some tips for. I have two Netherland dwarf females. The eldest one (Sansa) is 2 years old at the end of December and the youngest (Elle) is 17 months. Sansa was spayed in Sep 2018 and Elle was spayed in Sep 2019. Elle is really...
  2. DonnaM

    Black patches on rabbit skin

    I will when I get home. I had another look last night and it looks like she has other patches on black on her skin. Can that just be her skin colour? Thanks
  3. DonnaM

    Black patches on rabbit skin

    Hi everyone My name is Donna. I have two Netherland dwarf female rabbits. We got the younger rabbit spayed in September and had to rebond the girls again which has been a long process. They had a fight last week and we noticed the younger one had a little cut on her back, it's healing well but...