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    Health Problems?

    I would do the normal rabbit protocol for stasis. Gas meds, leafy greens, fresh pineapple, tons of hay, possible Probiotic. Even if not eating, needs IV Fluids(Sub q if you can give it at home). Critical Care wouldn't hurt either.;)
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    Taffy and GI Stasis

    You should head to the vet for fluids. It's needed asap. Until you can do that, feed wet greens, syringe water and crushed pellets or CC if you have to.
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    Bunny tummy issue

    Any changes in diet or enviroment at all? Those can be huge. Even if it's the basic pellets, those need to be changed out slowly as well.;)
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    Constant sneezing

    I would get a test from the vet, like the others said. Could also be an allergy to the hay or anything else that may have changed recently.
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    Big Brother 13

    I watch BBAD every nite, lol.:P
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    Vegetable List?

    I always thought the HRS list was a bit limitedand I can't view the binkybunny one, here is a safe list from our Library:): Is there a particular veggie you were wondering about?
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    So I broke down today and bought...

    Yes, slowly switching to the new food over a period of two weeks is about right. I have always just added a little of the new and every other day or so add a little more of the new and less of the old.;)
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    eating cardboard and blankets

    Silly bunny. Don't let her eat the cardboard, it could cause a blockage in the intestines.;)
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    RIP: My Daisy's bowels aren't working :(

    I'm so very sorry hon. It could have been genetic too. I can't see EC taking her and not this fast. Binky free Daisy!:rainbow:
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    Odd behavior with head/ neck?

    Yes, but vets hate when you recommend stuff they haven't. Zithromax is a great, strong one that will fight everything. You may want to mention to your vet that Baytril is quite similar to Amoxacillin in humans, it's the least of resistance. Hopefully, you'll get some more posts soon.
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    5 y old mini rex eye bulge

    Didn't you post before on this? I'm so sorry sweetie, I don't know, but I hope someone comes along soon that may have some insight for you on this. I would get to your vet as soon as you can this am..
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    GI Stasis

    I wouldn't do any gut moblility drugs.. They cause more harm than good. There is obviously an underlying problem.. It could be a bacteria or a tooth problem or even a sinus issue...These need to be cultured I would imagine to be determined. What I would do is Critical Care couple times a day, I...
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    Paper eater!

    How's it going, keeper her out of paper?
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    Odd behavior with head/ neck?

    You say you see No sign of any discharge at the nose whatsoever?
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    Didnt know where else to post this

    We get a 10lb bag and use part of it in a Tupperware container. The still contained portion in another Tupperware container.;)