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leo (they/them)
Feb 22, 2010
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i decided to tell you some of my zombie and apocalypse dreams ^-^ i hope you find them as interesting as i do XD

cause i love zombies and apocalypses XD

but warning, some of these dreams are creepy-ish XD

Here's so you know who the people i talk about are:

Okay so, Shannon is one of my best friends.
Eric is my ex-boyfriend and one of my best friends.
Will is one of my best friends as well.

1. I was swimming underwater, yet I could breathe.
I swam down as far as I could go, and I found a house. the house from "Nightmare on Elm Street".
It was UPSIDE DOWN though.

As I stared at it, zombies suddenly started swimming out of it. I swam up quickly to warn everyone, but they were already taking over town.

I left where i live now, and went to GC, and went to their town hall meeting. Everyone was scared, but Shannon and I listened carefully to the instructions.

"Kill All Zombies On Sight", was the official instructions.

That's when some guy turned around, and handed me a stuffed heart. He said something, and then left. I turned to Shannon, and she received one just like it.

It was a sweet gesture on the boys' part, but they would get in the way, so we left the hearts there. We first had wrapping paper rolls, because we just needed to get to my house for real weapons.

As I was hitting the zombies away, I got seperated from Shannon, but she knew to meet me at Farmington Elementary (the Elementary School I went to). I went to my house and got a very large knife. I started attacking the zombies with the knife, but it broke because it was so large.

I grabbed a smaller one, and headed out to the Elementary school. Then I woke up XD


2. I was in another sort of dimension, and I was with Will.
Zombies were attacking, swarming the house. I was hitting them with poles and stuff, when a Charger-like zombie ( http://i589.photobucket.com/albums/ss334/jake57p/Left4Dead/TheChargerArt.png warning, the charger is creepy. its from left 4 dead 2, an xbox 360 game) came towards us.

I started hitting it with a large pole, but it TALKED. It told me it was good and wanted to help me, and I agreed. Will said he could get us out of here, and get us back to our dimension, but he had to finish the level on his game first.

I got pissed, and left, when Eric and his friend cornered me in the bathroom. I yelled and told Eric this wasn't funny, and he got the hint and left.

Will died. Eric died. Everyone was dying.

I panicked, along with a bunch of other people. We all got on a roller coaster, but didn't buckled up. We were going to kill ourselves. (XD;; very morbid. lol)

The roller coaster cart flew off, and we didn't die. We were completely fine. We were pissed, and we had no where to go - the zombies coming from one side, and the other side had flames blocking our way.

We were going to give up and run into the fire, but someone came out of the flames and I heard someone scream

"IT'S NICHOLAS CAGE HERE TO SAVE USS!!!" and I woke up lol.


3. I was in like this underground tunnel, and I was with a group of people. I ran ahead and left them, going out through a rubble of rocks.
Zombies were everywhere but they didn't really notice me. I ran down the street, and went into a house, that some black guy was in.
I started like trying to talk to my parents on the radio, but i couldn't get ahold of them, and like zombies started breaking through the door o_O

and thats really all i can remember of that one XD


4. So Shannon and I were at my Aunt Na's house, next to a lake. A wild dog was outside, and so I brought it inside because it was friendly. I was stroking it and holding it and showing everyone it. Everyone loved the cutie.

I went into the kitchen, whilst Shannon stayed in the sunroom. I got frustrated because she was being so anti-social, and I went to go see her. She BEGGED me for my phone, pissing me off. She had her own phone! Yet, I asked why anyways, and she said she wanted it to call Luke and Kane, two druggy twins she used to have a major crush on. I said no, because they were giant assholes, and she had her own phone. Also, because she didn't need to call them that moment, she was hanging out with me XD I looked outside, feeling bored, and I saw a TORNADO forming.

I screamed "RUN!" to everyone, and Shannon and I started running from the sunroom, but a wave crashed into the window before we could escape. The wave crushed us under the water, but it didn't kill us. We all got back up when the water drained away. Everyone was okay, besides the fact my phone was crushed. My mp3's screen was all psychadelic looking, and like changing colours and swirling different colours and everything. We decided we had to leave my Aunt Na's, so we quickly packed, and then left.

We went a lot of places, but we couldn't stay anywhere. Finally, after a long time, we started raiding houses, and stealing their food- but it didn't matter because most people were dead, or zombies. The world was ending. We were ransacking this real nice house, when we decided to lie in their comfy bed, and rest for a while. We were eating coconut and chocolate donuts, a delicacy in this decaying world. Suddenly these mini gnome people appeared. They said they already knew how to fix the world. They had stuff stored in their mini-houses. We agreed to come, and watched them go in their mini-houses.

They said all we had to do to get in the houses was to think about it. We tried and tried and tried but it wouldn't work >_< So we went back and lied in the bed, when these crazy shadow creature appeared. They asked if we knew who they were, and we said yes, starting to run. They chased us, and we tried to lose them around this super long table with glass wine glasses on them. All the glasses broke, but we finally ran and found a hidden, broken down room. But we were lacking food and water in the room.

We couldn't stay in there forever. Plus, zombies were starting to come for us in the room, from the outside. They got inside, and attacked us, turning us into zombies. We hooked up with the zombies o_O

We went around spreading our zombie-ness around the post-apocalyptic world. XD


now tell me about your zombie/apocalypse dreams?
or what you think of the topic and stuff XD

and what do you think about my messed up dreams? XD


Apr 15, 2010
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London, , United Kingdom
Weird dreams - they would make good short stories!
I had scary zombie dreams just after I watched the Resident evil afterlife trailer (it was amazing!)but can't remember much except I'm very incapable when it comes to zombie dream fighting!