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Aug 27, 2019
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Hello! I currently have a male and female fixed bonded pair and they live in my room. Unfortunately my female, Lucina LOVES to wake me up countless times at night. They stay in their cage at night and she loves to either chew any wood in her cage, dig the bottom of the cage, or her favorite, reorganize EVERYTHING her cage while I am trying to sleep. I started to try and think of solutions for this problem. What I want to do is move their cage into our sunroom for now. That would be very great for me because their cage is spacious, but my room isn’t. I would love the extra room, but the problem is we have two cats and a dog that are able to roam that area. My dog wouldn’t do much, but she is a natural mother so she would want to watch them quite a bit. One of our cats is pretty chill, but the other is a mess. She would for a fact lay on top of their cage and put her paw though the bars and try to mess with them. I just don’t want them to have a heart attack or anything, but I also need my sleep. Any suggestions? Anyone have experience with buns and other animals getting along?



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Mar 19, 2012
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Arizona, USA
Dogs or cats can often get along fine with rabbits but they usually need to be trained to do so. They also should be monitored when together as well. A scratch from a cat can kill a rabbit.

Moving the cage to the sunroom would only work if you can keep the dog and cats out of there at night time.

I've always kept our rabbit cage in the main living area of the home even with our dogs. But the rabbit cage was dog-proof. It sounds like your cage is not quite cat proof if a cat paw can reach inside. That's why I say the cats, at least, would have to be kept out of the sunroom at night.