Will handfeeding apple slices to a meat rabbit help make her tamer towards me?

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Dec 2, 2022
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I rescued a bunny from a live poultry meat market three days ago and she was very scared. This morning I handfed her with an apple slice and she enjoyed it. If I keep doing this everyday, will she trust me more and become tamer?

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Mar 20, 2012
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How old is she? Feeding her by hand is a good idea to help her get used to you. What you feed her needs to be considered. If this is a new food for her, her stomach needs time to adjust to it. Keep an eye on her poos after the apple slice. See if there are any changes.

Her age and prior/current diet will dictate what would be best. Greens may be a better option and will likely be received with as much enthusiasm (but less sugar!). You could hand feed a sprig of cilantro or a leaf of romaine. Again though, knowing her current daily diet, her age, and what foods she's used to eating will determine what is ok for every day feeding.

Once we can see what is safe for her to eat every day, then, yes, hand-feeding her is a great way to have her get more comfortable with you.

The good thing about greens is that once she's adjusted to them, you can hand-feed her greens throughout the day. An apple slice, on the other hand, should never be fed more than once per day.
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