What to pack up?

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Aug 8, 2019
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stillwater mn
I am currently packing up some stuff in my room because we are having painters coming on Monday, I am only packing up the stuff I will not need in the next couple of weeks. I was moving onto my shelves and then came across the bunnies’ first aid kit. I’m just wondering if I should pack that up or if I should keep it at hand, I will be moving down into the furnace room with my bunnies so I am preparing that room for me and my bunnies to live in, the bunnies have changed living situations a couple of times from going in and out of play pens and they haven’t had any trouble doing that. They have never been in the furnace room or lived anywhere else in my house besides my room. I’m just wondering if I should pack up the first aid kit or keep it out.

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