What color of buck should I get to be partned with my orange dam to produce harlequin colored kits?

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Aug 11, 2018
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Hi! I once had a harlequin lion lop doe. Harlequin is a very pretty color!
If you look up rabbit color calculator, there are a few helpful websites. The best website i know of is Kim's Rabbit Hutch On there you can put in whatever color you want for the Dam/Sire. You can see the percentages and chance of getting whatever color you want for the kits. Also, in the ARBA book... "Raising Better Rabbits & Cavies" it talks about the coat color genetics. I think since your Dam is in the Wide band group (Orange) you might get harlequin kits if you tried a fawn, or a red Sire. I think its best if you stay within the same color group. But... maybe if you try breeding a Self color like Blue or Black to one of the first generation of kits you might get a harlequin. My harlequin doe had some siblings in the litter that were blue when i got her.
I hope this helps you! :)