What breed of rabbit is this?

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Jan 16, 2009
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Liberty Township, Ohio, USA
So last night i was sitting watching TV and my doorbell rang. So i got up to answer it and there was this kid (more like teenager) and he said hey there I know that you have rabbits and I was wondering if you would take in a rabbit that my friend left at my house because she was no longer able to care for it.

So being the person I am, I said yes. So he said ok let me run home to get her and I will be right back.

So about 5 minutes later he shows up with her/him/it (i am not sure what sex it is yet).

Here is a picture of it... Can anyone tell me what breed it is? I don't have the room so I will be looking for a home for it but I want to be able to tell the person what breed it is and hopefully what sex it is.

This rabbit has a great temperament and is very gentle and friendly.

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