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Nov 26, 2022
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Missouri, USA
Hey everyone! Brand new here to the community and seeking some help with a persistent issue that we’ve been having with our bunny.

We got our holland lop, Buttons, about this time last year and he’s been an excellent and beloved member of the fam. He’s been in excellent health until the past 2 months or so. He is having issues with wet legs and bottom and nothing we do seems to have much of an impact. We gave him a butt bath and took him to the vet for a sanitary trim around the bottom to get the yucky mats off. It persisted, so we did a week’s worth of antibiotics, and it still persists. He had one litter box that was a wire grate that we recently ditched the grate, and added another litter box on the second level. He’s not overweight and doesn’t seem to have any movement or mobility issues. He has a palace of a setup with a two story hutch and free range of the kids’ play room, and we put the dogs up and let him have free range of the house for a couple hours at least a couple times a week. He acts fine, eats great (mostly Timothy hay and fresh herbs and veggies), drinks fine, and gets plenty of love from everyone.

We are really stumped here and would love any advice on the matter. Is it a maturity thing? Does he need to be neutered? I can’t imagine 2x the poop, but does he need a friend? He is truly the best bunny for us, and has an incredible disposition. We’re willing to do about anything. Thanks for the help!


Jenny - Health & Wellness Mod
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Sep 10, 2012
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Utah, , USA
How old is he? Is he spraying urine at all where they jump and fling their butt to spray the urine due to hormonal marking, or is he instead dribbling urine and/or having incontinence, or is he peeing outside the litter box and then sitting in the puddle and that's getting his bum wet? Is he exhibiting any other hormonal behaviors like circling, humping, and honking? So he doesn't have any issues hopping up and down from things or running around?

Did the vet test the urine for blood or do a urinalysis? Were any xrays or a blood test done to check for calcium build up in the bladder, bladder or kidney stones, or other kidney issues? What antibiotic was prescribed and was an anti inflammatory(meloxicam) also prescribed? When you see urine spots, do there appear to be any streaks or spots of blood in it, or thick pasty gritty or creamy urine, or gel like urine? Is your vet a knowledgeable rabbit vet?



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